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Project Night Sky is an independent initiative operating on the internet and social media and membership is open to all interested persons, regardless of their knowledge or experience.

Project Night Sky was initiated when it recognised the potential and need to provide an interesting pastime to those that "wish upon a little star" . Not only was it envisaged to provide a great hobby, but also to bring astronomy  closer to those who don't have the means thereto, and also to provide the study of astronomy with invaluable research and information.

Astronomy is an interest that can be deep and intense or light and casual. It really doesn't matter how deep your passion lies, because we cater for everyone! Whatever part of astronomy gives you goose bumps: maybe its just appreciating the view, and beauty of the universe, or a deeper desire to contribute to the advancement of this wonderful science, playing with gadgets and gizmos, or just want to talk about the stars.

Whatever it is that gets you going, this is where you want to be at! It doesn't matter if you don't own a telescope or even binoculars, your eyes are just as good a viewing tool.

Telescopes & Accesories


The Telescope Shop is internet based. They have the largest range of Telescopes in South Africa. Telescopes ranging from 60mm to 500mm in diameter, reflecting telescopes, refracting telescopes, Casegrain telescopes and accessories.

Go To The Telescope Shop [click here] . . .

           Matters Of Interest

For more news, interesting articles, information, and stunning imagery of our Universe. Visit the PROJECT NIGHT SKY  Facebook page "Like" the page and share your experiences, images and observations in our quest to popularise ASTRONOMY !


Dedicated to Solar Observation and Solar Activity, the Solar Dynamics Facebook page will feature observations, images, news, articles and links of our star, The SUN.


Join the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA) and receive your Annual Sky Guide to find out more about the fascinating subject of astronomy.



STAR PEOPLE is an astronomy outreach NPO, promoting astronomy, maths, science in general and the beauty of our universe. Also find them on Facebook ... Click here 'Star People'

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